Q100043: How to clear your Nuke/NukeX/NukeStudio cache



This article explains how to clear your Nuke/NukeX/NukeStudio cache files.


Clearing your cache can help with performance issues and unexpected behaviours. It is also good practice in order to prevent unnecessary memory usage.

To fully clear all the cache files on your system you will first need to clear the cache from within Nuke/NukeX/NukeStudio:

  1. Open Nuke/NukeX/NukeStudio
  2. Select the Cache drop down menu
  3. For Nuke/NukeX Select "Clear All"
  4. For Nuke Studio Select "RAM Cache" > "Clear Playback Cache"

We would then recommend you navigate to the cache directory on your machine and delete the entire folder. The cache may be in different locations depending on whether you have left it to its default directory or set your own custom preferences. Either way you can find out the cache location by doing the following:

  1. Open Nuke
  2. In the node graph hit the 'X' key
  3. A command window will appear
  4. Set the command window to TCL and enter the following: getenv NUKE_TEMP_DIR
  5. This will return your Nuke temp directory i.e. C:/Users/[username]/AppData/Local/Temp/nuke

Now you can navigate to this location and delete the nuke folder to clear your cache.

You may also have an OFX plug-in directory cache which you can clear. The default location is detailed below.


Nuke default cache location

Linux and macOS:


where {uid} is the users user ID on the machine, e.g. /var/tmp/nuke-u1737/



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