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Q100062: Help with the "Standard Content Wasn't Found" message


MODO has additional content packs which includes a wide range of assets, presets, images and other useful examples. If MODO cannot find the files on your system when it launches it will pop up a warning message saying "Standard Content Wasn't Found".

This guide explains more about this and how you can access the content.



The content packs are available as separate installers because they are not required for running MODO and also this keeps the MODO download file size down.

These examples are very useful so we recommend that users install all the Content packs available for their current version of MODO and Operating System.  Additionally some MODO Kits require directories set up by the Content installers.

The Content packs are available from the MODO downloads page:


NOTE: Previously released Content packs can have more assets, which were removed or replaced in newer versions. You are able to download Content packs from previous versions and it is advised that you install them in chronological order, as newer releases will overwrite assets with fixed versions. (For example; install content from 801 before installing the 901 versions)

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