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Q100062: Help with the "Standard Content Wasn't Found" message


Modo has Additional Content packages which includes a wide range of assets, presets, images and example scenes. If Modo cannot find the files on your system when it launches, it will pop up a warning message saying "Standard Content Wasn't Found".

This article provides the download links to the Modo Additional Content packages below.

NOTE: As of Modo 12, all assets are available from the cloud and are accessible from the Preset Browser within the Modo GUI.



The content packs are available as separate installers because they are not required for running Modo. This also keeps the Modo download file size down.

Once the Additional Content packages have been installed correctly, they will be accessible through the Preset Browser within Modo under "Assets".

By default, the Additional Content packages are installed in the following directories:



Mac OS X

/Users/<username>/Library/Application Support/Luxology/Content







If you encounter any issues performing the steps outlined in this article, then please open a Support ticket and let us know the issue you are encountering and the troubleshooting steps you have taken so far.

For more information on how to do this, please see the following article: Q1000064: How to raise a support ticket.  


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