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Q100045: How to delete transferred licenses from old computer?


The Foundry's License Transfer Request Form requires this:

"You must delete this licence key from the old machine within 2 days of receiving the new licence key."

This article addresses the question, "How do I delete transferred licenses from the old computer?"


To locate license files on the old computer, get the diagnostic output from our Foundry License Utility (FLU):

On the FLU:
click on "Diagnostics" then
"Run Diagnostics" then
"Save" the output as a file.

Open the file in any text editor or simply view it in a terminal.

There are 2 sections (the headers are shown below) in the FLU's Diagnostic output that list the location(s) and filename(s) of Foundry licenses found on the machine.:

============= RLM License File(s) Found ==

=========== FLEXlm License File(s) Found ===

When licenses are found, these sections are each followed by individual sections that show the content of the file(s) found. These are just text files with the file extension .lic

Simply look at the files and see which one(s) contain the product name of the license you need to delete. It is very rare that a license file contains both products that were transferred and products that were not transferred, so you can normally delete the whole .lic file. But if you do need to delete only part of a license file, simply ask Foundry Support for assistance (

NOTE: Floating licenses are only in files on the license server machine. Client-side machines do not have the license keys in their local license files. Client-side machines' license files simply point to the license server machine.

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