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Q100050: Foundry License Utility (FLU) immediately crashes on Mac


Foundry License Utility (FLU) immediately crashes on Mac


The FLU looks for a machine's hardware ethernet addresses (of the Media Access Controller, or MAC) in order to find a "system ID".  When Apple hardware became capable of connecting an ethernet network directly to peripheral equipment connected to the Mac via the Thunderbolt (a.k.a. "lightning") socket, the search function of the FLU would fail when it found too many addresses.


The way this bug manifests on a Mac is when you connect multiple displays and/or other devices via the Thunderbolt connectors on a Mac, then

  1. the Foundry License Utility (FLU) will not run, and
  2. some types of our licenses also fail. For example, some older Nuke licenses will crash Nuke on startup when it tries to get a license.


  1. Running the FLU to find a machine's system ID.
  2. Running the FLU to install a license.
  3. Running the FLU to get a license diagnostic.
  4. Running one of our products that licenses with a FLEXlm license. RLM licenses are not affected. See :"What are RLM and FLEXIm licenses?"

The OPTIONS FOR AVOIDING the problem are:

  1. Disconnect extra, unnecessary Thunderbolt devices. Then test by trying to run the FLU.
  2. Use a type of product license, if we can issue one for the product, which is not affected by the problem.


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