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Q100047: Using a floating license off the license server's network (i.e. borrow, roam)


RLM and FLEXlm provide the capability for a client to check out a floating license from the license server and disconnect from the server's network.  Customers sometimes ask if this is possible with The Foundry licenses, and the answer is 'no'.  The vendor (us) must enable the capability, and we do not.


The Foundry's floating license server systems, FLEXlm and RLM, do not allow a client-side machine to disconnect from the network of the license server and maintain use of the license.  Client-side machines must maintain an active network connection with the license server in order to continue to use a floating license.  A periodic "heartbeat" signal between the client and the license server is used to verify that the client is still connected.  The Foundry application on the client will cease to run without the active connection.
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