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Q100210: How to fix the "Unidentified Developer/malicious software" message when installing or running a program on macOS


When trying to download and install our software on macOS you may receive an error message that reads "... can't be opened as it is from an unidentified developer" or "...can't be opened because Apple cannot check it for malicious software". This article will explain what to do in this situation in order to continue with the installation.


The default security settings on macOS will only let a user install or run programs that are certified/authorized by Apple.  When you try to install or run a program from Foundry you may get a warning saying that the program "cannot be opened as it is from an unidentified developer" and the program will not run.


To open the software open your System Preferences and go to Security & Privacy > General and click "Open Anyway".



In OS X 10.11 and earlier you can prevent these warnings by changing your privacy settings to allow non-certified programs to run.  In your System Preferences, go to Security > Privacy > General and set "Allow Applications downloaded from" to "Anywhere".

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