Q100182: How to export and backup Modo config fragments



This article explains how to backup fragments of your configuration file in case your main preference file or folder becomes corrupted, and needs to be deleted, or wish to move hotkeys over to a new version of Modo.


The main configuration file or folder is found in the following location:

Windows: C:\Users\<USER>\AppData\Roaming\Luxology\MODO16.1.CFG
macOS: /Users/<USER>/Library/Preferences/com.luxology.modo16.1
Linux: /home/<USER>/.luxology/.modo16.1rc (this is a hidden file)


PLEASE NOTE: The numbers will differ depending on the version of Modo that you're using, and from Modo 16.0v1 the main config has been split up into multiple files which are now present inside of a MODO16.0.CFG folder.


By default, this location will store all user changes made to the application including layout, hotkeys, mouse mappings, preferences etc.

You have the option to export out certain fragments of the main config file into additional separate files. These will then be referenced by the main config ensuring that they are read. 


PLEASE NOTE: These steps will only include changes made in the active Modo session.


How to export config fragments

  1. Launch Modo and select "Config Export..." under the "File" menu

  2. This will open a file browser that should default to Luxology/Configs
    • If saved here, Modo will automatically read this location for exported configs
    • If saved elsewhere, you will have to use the 'Config Import...' command for any future main config files to reference it

  3. Give it a name, but keep the .CFG extension and press Save

  4. A new dialog box will appear with the following settings:
    • Config Filename - Allows you to change the filename again
    • Fragment - Allows you to specify which element you wish to export
    • Append to File - Allows you to add a fragment to a previously saved out config
    • Import Resulting File - Will immediately import the config into the main config

  5. Adjust the settings as necessary and click OK.  The config will then be created.


Exporting fragments for use in different versions of Modo

With every new major release, there will be a new main config file. This means that by default you will not have any of your previously setup hotkeys or custom layouts. Using 'Config Export' to save to the Configs directory will ensure that your settings are picked up other major versions of Modo.

Due to new features and changes to the UI between versions, the main config files will differ. Some information in the config file may not be compatible between versions, but its usually safe to export config fragments.

To be extra safe, stick to exporting Key Mapping and Input Mapping fragments when doing this.




If you encounter any issues performing the steps outlined in this article, then please open a Support ticket and let us know the issue you are encountering and the troubleshooting steps you have taken so far.

For more information on how to do this, please see the following article: Q1000064: How to raise a support ticket.  

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