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Q100176: GPU acceleration problems in Nuke with OS 10.12 Sierra


Users that have upgraded to OS 10.12 Sierra, may experience issues with GPU acceleration not working in Nuke.


UPDATE: We have had reports that updating to Cuda v8.046 on OSX 10.12 Sierra can help with GPU acceleration issues.
Currently we believe this to be an OS / driver issue rather than a Nuke bug, whereby the graphics card is not being recognised properly by the OS.

There have been reports that other people have had trouble getting CUDA working under OS X 10.12, or even getting their graphics cards working at all (see, for example,

Currently it is advised that you ensure your CUDA driver is it up to date (as of time of writing this is version 7.5.30) or role back to an earlier version of the operating system.

If you continue to see issues in an earlier release of Mac OS, then please log a support ticket using the 'Create a Ticket' button above and let us know the GPU you are using, your driver version, OS version and please provide an example script that demonstrates the problem. 
We also advise that you test Nuke in safe mode: Q100038: Launching Nuke/NukeX/NukeStudio/Hiero in safe mode
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