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Q100169: Troubleshooting and working around issues to do with the Overlay blending mode


When working in non sRGB 8-bit channels the overlay blending mode can lighten a 0.5 grey layer which is not the result we are expecting.



Mari determines it's blending maths based on the channel's bit depth which creates an incorrect result.



There are three ways to solve this:

  • Manually: you can go into the advanced blending options of the Overlay layer and disable 'Blending colorspace' 

To do this select the layer, and next to the blending mode there is a green arrow. 

Click the arrow and disable the option 'Colorspace enabled' in order to do the blending in the working colorspace. See the image below for better illustration: 


  • Automatically: to do this there are two available options:

         One: Enable the advanced color management via an environment variable.

To do this:

  1. Please follow the steps in this knowledge article : How to enable adanced color management.
  2. After you have done this, when creating a new project you will be prompted with an option to set up the Blending mode.    

    Set this to  'Same as working'.

        Two: Enable the advanced color management pythonically.

To do this: 

  1. Go to your file, which can be found within your Mari installation folder under: /Mari/Bundles/Media/Scripts/Mari/
  2. Enter the following snippet of code to automatically enable this on project creation:        

project = mari.current.project()
colorspace_defaults = project.colorspaceDefaults()
colorspace_defaults.setColorspace(colorspace_defaults.COLORSPACE_TARGET_BLENDING, 'Same As Working')

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