Q100024: Clearing the OFX plug-ins cache to reduce errors for Missing FurnaceCore nodes and/or "Constructor failed"



FurnaceCore nodes and/or Keylight are missing from the nodes toolbar in Nuke.

When you load an existing .nk script that contains a Keylight, FurnaceCore or other OFX plugins Nuke will produce an error message like the following:

Constructor for OFXuk.co.thefoundry.keylight_v201 failed



Nuke records the location of available OFX plugins (including nodes that ship with Nuke such as Keylight) in the ofxplugincache directory within Nuke's cache location.

This error message happens when the OFX cache file for that version of Nuke becomes corrupted.



Deleting the OFX plug-in cache directory will force Nuke to rebuild it the next time it starts up.  Nuke will then be able to find and load the OFX nodes/plug-ins.

The default locations for the OFX Plugin Cache is

  • Linux and macOS:

    where {uid} is the users user ID on the machine, e.g.

  • Windows:
    C:\Users\{user name}\AppData\Local\Temp\nuke\ofxplugincache

    where {user name} is your account user name on the machine, e.g.

You can also find the location of Nuke's general cache directory from within Nuke by hitting x on your keyboard when the focus is on the Node Graph and then running the following TCL command:

There should be a folder named "ofxplugincache" inside the directory that is printed.

    We're sorry to hear that

    Please tell us why