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Q100173: What are the benefits of moving NUKE licenses from FLEXlm to RLM


This article explains why we changed NUKE licenses from FLEXlm to RLM and why we would recommend that customers move over if they haven't already.

What are the benefits of using RLM instead of FLEXlm?
  • The majority of our products now use RLM licensing. It is more straightforward to manage all of your Foundry licenses from a single license server program and it is much easier to manage COLLECTIVE licenses alongside regular NUKE/NUKEX licenses if they are all on RLM and floated by the same license server program. Running NUKE/NUKEX FLEXlm licenses alongside RLM Production COLLECTIVE licenses requires care to ensure NUKE users checkout the desired license.
  • FLEXlm has a bug that can lead to multiple license checkouts to a single user if they have more than one NUKE maintenance contract date. RLM does not have this issue.
  • FLEXlm has a bug on recent versions of OSX where the System ID of a machine will switch back and forth, which leads to licenses being reported as invalid. RLM does not have this issue.
  • NUKE has been able to use RLM licensing since NUKE 7.0v1, so you can continue to run older versions of NUKE with your new RLM license.

If you haven't already moved your NUKE licenses over to RLM then please complete an RLM Transition Form and send it to
Once you return your signed RLM Transition Form our sales team will send you your RLM NUKE licenses along with any other valid Foundry licenses you have on the same System ID. Please follow the instructions in Q100174:How to install RLM NUKE licenses & remove old FLEXlm ones

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