Q100042: Temporarily setting the project directory in Mari



This article shows how to temporarily set the Mari project directory (old cache directory) to a custom location, for all operating systems. 

Note: The project directory (in pre 3.0 versions called cache directory) contains all your project files and should never be modified without prior backups.


We highly recommend to have the project/cache directory on a local drive. If this is not the case, there could be potential issues as network drives sometimes cannot keep up with writing speeds of Mari consequently leading to data loss.

To temporarily set your cache directory to a local folder do the following:

  1. Create a folder on your local HDD - e.g.

  2. Start a Command Prompt / Terminal and set the environment variable for the cache directory (MARI_CACHE) - e.g.
    set MARI_CACHE=C:\mari_projects
    export MARI_CACHE=/tmp/mari_projects

    More details on how to set environment variables.

  3. Run Mari from your install directory (still from the same Terminal/Command Prompt)- e.g.
    "C:\Program Files\Mari5.0v4\Bundle\bin\Mari5.0v4.exe"

  4. The opening window of Mari will have the cache directory set to the to the folder specified earlier.


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