Q100217: Licence fails with the error message "License not yet valid, may be valid in the future"




This article explains what can cause the "License not yet valid, may be valid in the future" licensing error message and how you can try to fix it this.


If a computer's date/time settings are changed by a large amount, to either be too far in the past or the future, then this can cause problems with the licensing code in our products.  If this happens then the program will not run and will display the following licensing error message:
"License not yet valid, may be valid in the future"
This problem can usually be resolved by correcting the date/time on your machine so it is automatically set to the current date/time.  Rebooting your machine should fix the problem but you may need to wait until the OS has updated its system files with the correct date/time before the software will function correctly.
If you are experiencing this issue with a full commercial license and are unable to resolve it, please contact the Support team using the "Create a Ticket" link above.  NOTE: The Create a Ticket link will only appear when you are logged in to our website.
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