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Q100025: MODO LPK file is not installing correctly


Your MODO PKAT .lpk file is not installing correctly, an error message may say the following:  

"The '/Library/Application Support/Luxology/Content/Assets' directory is missing or you do not have the right permissions for it. Installation will abort."


A missing directory structure or permission problems, stops the kit from installing.


There are 2 possible methods to resolve this:

1. Download and install the Content packs:

Ensure that your user has read and write permissions to the Assets, Kits and Samples directories found within the Content folder:

  • Windows: C:\Users\<USER>\Documents\Luxology\Content\
  • OSX: /Library/Application Support/Luxology/Content/
  • Linux: /usr/share/Luxology/Content/

2. Alternatively you can unzip the file by changing the extension from .lpk to .zip. You will then have to manually place the content.


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