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Q100207: Converting Flix 5's localParameters Python file to YAML.


In Flix 5.1 and earlier versions a Python file is used to store custom parameters.  Flix 5.2 and beyond use a YAML file. 

Flix will automatically create the YAML file for you, but you will need to manually verify that the contents match the previous version (the Python file). 


After upgrading beyond 5.1v6, the localParameters file, where studio-wide custom overrides are stored, has been replaced with a YAML file in the same location:
In the above directory you will find a and a YAML equivalent with a .tmp extension.
During the installation process of 5.2 Flix will automatically try to use all values that are set in the Python file and convert the values to YAML for the localParameters.yml 

Once in the 'core' directory, open the two files and compare the value from the python .py file to the .yml.tmp file.  If all of the values in the yml.tmp version match the values in the python localParameters then close the Python file.    

Before closing localParameters.yml; File>Save As 'localParameters.yml'.

Removing the tmp extension won't have any immediate effect if you do this while Flix is running. The Flix server will need to be restarted before the changes can take effect.

After restarting the server the local parameters will be read from the .yml file. 
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