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Q100240: Collection does not match the intended locations


Sometimes, a collection may not be triggering the execution of the intended Op at the locations that it is expected to match.

Collections are used to store CEL statements. The collection location can then be added to the CEL statement of any node, and the operation performed in that node will be applied to any locations matched by the collection's CEL statement.

Additional information on creating collections and using CEL can be found in the Katana Online Help under:


From Katana 2.0 onward, collections can be created at any location in the scene graph using the location parameter on the CollectionCreate node. Before 2.0, they could only be placed at /root.

The CEL statements the collection collects are relative to the location of the collection.

For example, if the collection is created at /root/world/geo, using the CEL statement /* will collect all the locations underneath /root/world/geo.

If, however, the CEL statement to collect is /root/world/geo with a collection at the same location, it will attempt to collect everything underneath /root/world/geo/root/world/geo, which likely doesn’t exist and will result in an unexpected output. 


When creating a collection, keep in mind that the CEL statement of the locations to collect is relative to the location of the collection itself. As such, please set the collection location and CEL statement appropriately so that the result may match an existing scene graph location, otherwise, the match operation could fail. 

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