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Q100233: CaraVR compatibility with different branches of Nuke


This article explains about CaraVR compatibility between different Nuke releases and why there is not yet an available version that is compatible with the newly released Nuke 11.1v1.



Due to changes in the Nuke NDK (Nuke's C++ plug-in API) between major versions of Nuke, builds of NDK plug-ins such as CaraVR and Ocula compiled for one major version of Nuke will not work with a new major version.

This means that CaraVR releases will only work with the versions they are compiled for, which typically means they are only compatible with the versions of Nuke which are available when they are released.  For example, Cara VR 1.0v6 and 2.0v1 were released in November 2017, which was before Nuke 11.1v1 was available in December 2017.  Attempting to load a CaraVR node for Nuke 11.0 or earlier into Nuke 11.1 will produce an error message.

Here is a list of CaraVR releases and compatible Nuke branches:

  • CaraVR 2.0v2 => Nuke 11.1, Nuke 11.0, Nuke 10.5
  • CaraVR 2.0v1 => Nuke 11.0, Nuke 10.5
  • CaraVR 1.0v6 => Nuke 11.0, Nuke 10.5, Nuke 10.0, Nuke 9.0
  • CaraVR 1.0v4, 1.0v5 => Nuke 10.5, Nuke 10.0, Nuke 9.0
  • CaraVR 1.0v1, 1.0v2, 1.0v3 => Nuke 10.0, Nuke 9.0

Download links for CaraVR are available from the CaraVR downloads page.

NOTE: This issue affects other NDK plug-ins as well and is explained in the following article: Q100234: Plug-in compatibility between different versions of Nuke


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