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Q100236: For a few seconds periodically, the Nuke user interface briefly becomes unresponsive


When you are working in Nuke, the user interface seems to hang/freeze briefly and then resume.  Your system meets the minimum hardware requirements to run Nuke.


This can occur more often when working in large and complex scripts.  The cause could be a short interval of time set in your preferences for the autosave of the Nuke script.  The Nuke Script is a text file, but each time it autosaves, that file is written to disk. You can set that time interval.


Try changing the default 30 seconds to  a higher value, under Edit --> Preferences --> General --> 'force comp autosave after'

Other causes of slowing include a disk cache that is too large.  For information on how to clear the cache, please consult the following guide:

Q100043: How to clear your Nuke/NukeX/NukeStudio cache

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