Q100250: How you can use negative values in Nuke's preferences




This article explains the usage of negative values in Nuke's preferences for performance optimisations. 



Within the Nuke Preferences tab you can find a list of settings that can be useful for optimising Nuke's performance on your system. Nuke's preferences can be accessed by opening the Preferences tab via Edit>Preferences... from the main Nuke menu.

Example setting for performance optimisation

One such setting is the 'comp disk cache size', found under Performance>Caching>Disk Caching. This limits the amount of hard drive space Nuke can use to cache files, and can help avoid processing slowness due to lack of space. When choosing the right setting for 'comp disk cache size', rather than using an upper limit, you can use negative values to make Nuke leave the amount set always available.

For example, if you wanted Nuke to always leave 10GB of disk space free, then setting the 'comp disk cache size' to -10GB would stop Nuke from using the last 10GB of storage on that drive.

NOTE: Negative values can be used in most Nuke preferences to achieve similar effects.

For more information on using all Nuke's preferences please check our Nuke Online Help page:


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