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Q100206: Renaming a Flix 5 Sequence


Occasionally you might want to rename a Flix 5 sequence. While this is not yet possible, this article discusses a possible workaround to achieve this.


  1. In Flix, open the sequence and use the PSD export plugin to migrate all of the panel's PSD files from your current sequence to a directory.

  2. Create a new sequence and Import the PSDs from the original sequence.

  3. The new sequence will resemble the old sequence and will be accessible with a newly defined name but you will not have ANY of the version histories from the original sequence.

Alternatively, you can opt to track your sequence names in the project window. You can edit the tracking information displayed in the project browser by clicking 'Edit Details' in the project window.

PLEASE NOTE: All dialog is lost when this process is followed.

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