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Q100212: Obtaining a Trial, Indie or Non-Commercial license from behind a proxy


If your workstation is connected to the internet via a proxy server then this can prevent our products from getting a Trial, Indie or Non-Commercial license.  


If your connection to the internet is from behind a proxy then requesting a Trial, Indie or Non-Commercial license may fail at the first attempt and produce the following error message:
"CURL error: (77) Problem with the SSL CA cert (path? access rights?) The certificate file referenced either did not exist, or the contents of the file were incorrect. Please contact"

The following steps will enable you to enter your proxy settings into the license dialog so you can access your license.

After creating your account on our website, download and install the product as normal.  Before you request the trial license or try to activate a Indie or Non-Commercial license disconnect your machine from the network/internet (this includes any WiFi connections) and do the following:

  1. Run the program and click 'Obtain a Trial License' or log in to license Indie/Non-Commercial, then enter your credentials and submit.
  2. After a short delay you should get a 'Proxy Settings' pop-up screen. Simply enter your proxy server and port number, e.g. '', and leave the rest blank.
  3. BEFORE you submit, reconnect to the network/internet and the click 'Submit'.

You should now find yourself with a fully working license Installed on your machine.

If you are experiencing issues obtaining a Modo licence from behind a proxy please see the following article : Q100609: Licensing Modo 15 from behind a proxy or network security


If you're still unable to obtain a trial license behind a proxy please contact our sales team directly at stating which product you wish to trial and the system id of the machine you wish to utilise the trial on. 

Information on how to find the system id of your machine can be accessed via the following knowledge base article:

Q100002: What is the system ID and how do I find it?
PLEASE NOTE: Non-Commercial and Indie licenses can only be generated via the website, they cannot be issued by sales or support.
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