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Q100205: Quickly view Flix 5 parameters from the browser 


This article presents a quick way to query the Flix 5 parameters from your browser window. This can be useful when making multiple changes to a parameters file.



After making changes to one of the Flix 5 parameters in your localParameters file, you can check to ensure Flix has picked up the changes with the following URL[frameRate] If you wish to view a different parameter, change frameRate to the parameter of your choice. Be sure not to delete the surrounding brackets. 

The above example will read the framerate from your localparamters file if a frameRate is set at the studio level, otherwise it will default to the Flix default paramters.

If you made the change to a specific show using the or overrides.yml file, you can check the parameters for that file at this url. The URL below will read the frameRate that is set in the training show. IF you wish to view parameters for a different show, you will need to change "training" to the name of your show.[frameRate]?show=training

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