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Q100193: How to disable CaraVR temporarily for troubleshooting


This article explains how you can temporarily disable the CaraVR plug-in to troubleshoot issues in Nuke without CaraVR present.



The easiest way to disable CaraVR is to move its default plug-in installation directory to a different location so that Nuke is unable to find it.

By default CaraVR is installed in the following location:

Linux: /usr/local/Nuke/<version>/plugins/CaraVR

Mac OS X: /Library/Application Support/Nuke/<version>/plugins/CaraVR

Windows: C:\Program Files\Common Files\Nuke\<version>\plugins\CaraVR

Troubleshooting Nuke without CaraVR

Find your CaraVR plug-in installation directory and move it to a different location. Make sure the new location is easy to find, for example use your Desktop.

Launch Nuke after having moved the CaraVR plug-in directory.

Nuke will now launch without CaraVR loaded and you can do the troubleshooting required. 



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