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Q100193: How to disable CaraVR temporarily for troubleshooting


This article explains how you can temporarily disable the CaraVR plug-in to troubleshoot issues in Nuke without CaraVR present.



The easiest way to disable CaraVR is to move its default plug-in installation directory to a different location so that Nuke is unable to find it.

By default CaraVR is installed in the following location:

Linux: /usr/local/Nuke/<version>/plugins/CaraVR

Mac OS X: /Library/Application Support/Nuke/<version>/plugins/CaraVR

Windows: C:\Program Files\Common Files\Nuke\<version>\plugins\CaraVR

As of Nuke 12.0, Nuke now ships with CaraVR as part of NukeX, so in order to disable CaraVR, to need to rename/move the caravr directory inside Nuke's install directory. If you choose to do this, be very careful, because if you accidently change anything else, you may break Nuke completely, requiring you to reinstall it from scratch. 

The paths for CaraVR inside of Nuke are as follows:

Linux: /usr/local/Nuke<version>/plugins/caravr

Mac OS X: /Applications/Nuke<version>/Nuke<version>/Contents/MacOS/plugins/caravr

Windows: C:\Program Files\Nuke<version>\plugins\caravr


Troubleshooting Nuke without CaraVR

Find your CaraVR plug-in installation directory and move it to a different location. Make sure the new location is easy to find, for example use your Desktop.

Launch Nuke after having moved the CaraVR plug-in directory.

Nuke will now launch without CaraVR loaded and you can do the troubleshooting required. 



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