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Q100187: How Do MODO Luxology Licenses Work


MODO can use two different licensing technologies - Luxology licensing and RLM licensing.

  • Luxology style licenses are issued to customers who purchase MODO as an individual product.  
  • If you buy MODO as part of a PRODUCTION COLLECTIVE or CREATION COLLECTIVE then you'll receive an RLM license for the whole Collective.
    NOTE: If you want an RLM license for Modo on its own instead of a Luxology license, then please contact our Sales team to request this.

This article explains how Luxology MODO licenses work and how they differ from RLM licenses.


Unlike our RLM licenses, which are tied to the SystemID of a machine, Luxology style licenses are tied to a user. There are two types of Luxology licenses, individual and multi-user.
When you purchase an individual MODO license you can install it on a machine of your choosing.  When you run MODO it will check that the license is not in use on another machine.
Floating Luxology MODO licenses are issued for a number of users/floats.  Floating MODO Luxology licenses do not require a centralised license server to be installed or running like RLM licensing, but it does require the same license file to be installed on every machine that you wish to run MODO on.

When you launch MODO with a floating license it will check how many other users are running with the same license and as long as the number of users is less than the license is made for then MODO will run.
The following article explains how to install Luxology style MODO licenses.  For floating licenses you need to repeat the installation on each machine you wish to run MODO on.
Q100139: How to Install a MODO License

Instructions for installing RLM licenses are in the following articles:
Q100026 How to Install a Nodelocked License
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