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Q100183: Camera Tracker for After Effects Troubleshooting



The following steps may help in solving problems when using the Camera Tracker plug-in in After Effects.

CameraTracker problems in After Effects are usually presented as system lagging/crashing when tracking an image sequence, tracker command options not displayed, and memory allocation errors. These issues are commonly related to wrong memory settings, corrupt/incompatible OpenGL, corrupted After Effects configuration files and/or errors during the plug-in installation.

If none of the following steps work, then we would need to get a sample of the footage and a simple project that reproduces the crash or the error.



Please try any of the following steps and see if the problem persists: 

  1. In AE preferences, in the Display section, make sure that "Hardware Accelerate Composition, Layer, and Footage Panels" is disabled.

  2. Try turning off "Render During Analysis". This is a check-box just above 'track features'.

  3. Under the Fast Previews option below the Viewer, change "OpenGL always on" to "Adaptive Resolution - OpenGL off".
  4. Try deleting the preferences of After Effects, just to rule out any issues caused due to a damaged OpenGL preference setting.

    In order to delete the After Effects Preference file, restart After Effects while holding down the Command + Option + Shift keys (Mac) or Control + Alt + Shift (Windows), and you will be presented with an option to delete the preferences.

  5. Try un-installing and then re-installing both CameraTracker and After Effects to check if that resolves the issue.

  6. Try to set the affinity of AfterFX.exe in the Task-manager (if on windows) to a couple of cores.

  7. Navigate to "Edit-->Preferences-->General-->Memory & Multiprocessing" and make sure you have enough RAM reserved for other applications and turn off "Render Multiple Frames Simultaneously" option.


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