Q100167: Nuke compatible headsets



This article covers which headsets are currently supported by Nuke on different operating systems.



The table below shows the supported headsets and which operating systems they are compatible with:

Headset Windows Linux Mac OS X/macOS
Oculus Rift CV1 Yes, Oculus SDK 1.3+ Yes, built in OpenHMD No
Oculus Rift DK2 Yes, Oculus SDK 1.3+ Yes, built in OpenHMD Yes, built in OpenHMD*
HTC Vive/Vive Pro Yes, SteamVR Yes, OpenHMD*† No

 * Lens undistortion is not supported on Linux.
 † HTC Vive support on Linux is experimental, you may encounter performance issues or other unexpected behavior.

Note:  HMD performance on Linux using OpenHMD is limited to the refresh rate of your main monitor, as set in your GPU driver preferences. For example, if your monitor refreshes at 60 Hz, the HMD cannot refresh faster than that and you may experience performance issues.

The latest Oculus drivers come with the Oculus Setup utility, which can be downloaded from here:

Get started in VR


The latest HTC Vive drivers and SteamVR come with the HTC Vive setup utility, which can be downloaded from here:



More information about setting up your Headset can be found in our documentation here: Reviewing Your Work

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