Q100164: How to create your own Quick Access Pie Menus



This article explains how you can setup your own pie menus within Modo. These menus are bound to a hotkey and allow quick access to specific commands in a pop-up radial menu.  

Example of an existing in-built Pie Menu (CTRL + Spacebar) for switching between orthographic views.



You can create your own custom Quick Access Pie menus using the following steps.

  1. Open the Pie Menus section of the Form Editor:
    • In Modo, click on "Form Editor" under the 'System' menu
    • Expand the Pie Menus group (approximately halfway down).  This will display the default Pie Menus

  2. Add a new entry to the menu for your custom Pie Menu:
    • Double click on the "(new form)" option at the bottom of the list of Pie Menus
    • Enter a name for your Pie menu, e.g. myUVTools
    • Select your Pie Menu from the list, then in the Common Properties change Style to "Pie Menu"

  3. Add the first command to the menu:
    • Under your new Pie Menu, click on "(new control)" and then Add Command
    • Enter the Command for the tool you wish to include in your menu (information on how to find commands is below)
    • Give a name for command by entering a value for "Label" in the Properties.

  4. Repeat step 3 to add any additional tools to your menu, up to a maximum of 8

  5. Set a shortcut key for your Pie Menu:
    • Right click on the new Pie Menu
    • Select 'Assign to Key...'
    • In the dialog box, you can assign a key or combination of keys to open your pie menu and click on OK.  Modo will warn you if your key combination is already in use.

You can now use your Quick Access Pie Menu within Modo.


How to find the Modo commands to add to your menu

Commands can be queried in the main Modo application through the Command History. Every time a tool or feature is used in Modo, the equivalent command will be displayed here under the Undos tab. The command history can be accessed by pressing "F5" on the keyboard, or by clicking and dragging on the partition between the command bar and the item properties form.


Image 1: Revealing the Command History

Alternatively, you can look up every command under the Commands tab of the Command History:


Image 2: The "Commands" tab of the Command History Window

PLEASE NOTE: Any custom Quick Access Pie Menus will be stored in your configuration files. These will be removed if you have to restore vanilla Modo whilst troubleshooting a problem. 


Further Help

If you encounter any issues please open a Support ticket and let us know what issues you are encountering and the troubleshooting steps you have taken so far. For more information on how to do this, please see the following article: Q1000064: How to raise a support ticket. 

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