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Q100018: Unable to create subscription license directory


When running Nuke Non-commercial, you may receive the error message “unable to create subscription license directory” when starting the product.

This is described in the release notes here.


On Windows, there is a known issue with user names containing non-ASCII characters causing licensing to fail. If a licensing error similar to the following displays: Unable to create subscription license directory: C:\Users\Zoë Hernández\FoundryLicensing\ it is likely caused by the non-ASCII character in the folder path.


Move the license directory to an alternate location which does not use any non-ASCII characters in the folder path, using the FN_SUBSCRIPTION_LICENSE_DIR environment variable. See the Nuke Online Help for more information on setting environment variables.

Keywords: non commercial activation, subscription directory
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    Falk Büttner

    Your resolution for that problem works perfectly for me !
    Thank You very much.