Q100008: What do I do if the FLU returns two system IDs?


NOTE: This will only occur in FLU version 7


For most machines the RLM System ID and FLEXlm System ID are the same, so the FLU will display a single System ID. However, on rare occasions, you can have two System IDs reported (one for RLM and one for FLEXlm).


If this is the case, both System IDs are displayed, like this:


If the FLU returns two System IDs for your machine, the one that you need to use depends on which software you are running:

  • For RLM licensed software you need to use the first System ID minus the R, e.g. aaaaaaaaaaaa in the above example.
  • For FLEXlm licensed software you need to use the second System ID minus the X, e.g. bbbbbbbbbbbb in the above example.

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