Q100004: What are the Foundry License Tools (FLT)?



The Foundry License Tool (FLT) utility contains both FLEXlm and RLM license servers, a copy of the Foundry License Utility (FLU) and relevant license documentation. Once the Foundry License Tools (FLT) are installed, the FLU will display additional tabs to allow you to manage your FLEXlm and RLM servers.


Download the Foundry License Tools (FLT) 7.0v4

Note :

We do not recommend using a mobile server, like a laptop, that doesn't meet the following criteria :

1. Static IP
2. Static Hostname
3. 'Always on' status so clients can connect to the server over a LAN
4. DNS enabled
Problems will occur if you choose to use a macbook pro as a server, as it will not meet criteria point 2 above, and it will change hostname constantly when plugged into different networks.  This will need to be resolved by your Network or Systems team to resolve any hostname resolution issues that are found.

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