Q100003: Where can I find the Foundry's licensing utilities?



The Foundry provides customers with licensing tools to:

  • Find a machine's system ID
  • Install license keys
  • Diagnose license issues
  • Manage floating license servers
  • Point to a server machine


These's tools are available here:

The Foundry License Utility (FLU) will return a SystemID, install licenses and create a diagnostic log to aid troubleshooting.

If you wan to install the software to manage floating licenses then please install the server tools via these steps: Q100360: How to install the server tools for floating/server licenses

These tools replaced the following deprecated tools: Foundry System ID (FSID), Foundry License Installer (FLI), Foundry License Diagnostics (FLD), Foundry FLEXlm Tools (FFT) and Foundry Licensing Tools (FLT) version 6.0 and earlier.

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