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Q100011: FLEXlm licensing issues with recent versions of OS X


There is a known problem on recent versions of OSX (OS X 10.8 and above) with the FLEXlm licensing code within some of our products causes the valid FLEXlm SystemID for a machine to switch back and forth between MAC addresses for the machine.
This can result in a previously valid licenses being reported as invalid and can affect licenses for Furnace for Nuke and old FLEXlm licences for Nuke, CameraTracker for AE and Keylight for FCP.


If you encounter this problem, please follow the instructions in Q100105: Diagnosing License Problems to generate a license diagnostic file and open a Suport Ticket.  We will be able to reissue a license to enable you to avoid the problem once we verify that this is the cause.

Keywords: OSX, mountain lion, system ID, mavericks, yosemite, el capitan, FLEXlm
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