Q100002: What is the System ID and how do I find it?



A System ID is a unique identifier for a machine that is used to license Foundry applications.  The machine you need to find the System ID for depends upon the type of license:
  • For node-locked (single machine) licenses you need to find the System ID of the machine you will be running the application on.
  • For floating/server licenses you need to find the System ID of the machine that will be the license server.
  • You don't need to find the SystemID for login licenses (individual or teams), instead the entitlement is tied to an account on www.foundry.com


The System ID is taken from the primary MAC address of the machine.  We recommend using the Foundry Licensing Utility (FLU) to find your System ID as it will return the same System ID that the license code is checking against.

Finding your System ID with FLU 8.0 and above

You can download the latest FLU release from https://www.foundry.com/licensing/tools and install it on your machine by following the steps in Learn Licensing - Installing the FLU

To find the System ID of a machine, launch the FLU and click on System ID on the left hand side


Click on Copy to Clipboard to copy the System ID so you can enter it in our website or an email to Sales 


Tutorial Video



For more information about licensing please see the Foundry Licensing Online Help


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