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Q100005: What are RLM and FLEXIm licenses?


We currently use two different licensing solutions to license our software, FLEXlm and RLM. Which licensing technology is used depends upon the product.


Prior to the release of Foundry License Tools (FLT) 7.0, we had two separate sets of license tools depending upon which kind of licensing was required - Foundry FLEXlm Tools 5.0 for FLEXlm and Foundry Licensing Tools 6.0 for RLM. This meant that customers using different software from The Foundry might have required multiple downloads to license their products.
With the release of version 7.0 we consolidated both RLM and FLEXlm server software into a single download.  Installing the combined license tools (the latest version is FLT 7.1), requires the removal of old versions of the Foundry FLEXlm Tools and Foundry Licensing Tools 6.0.

The Foundry License Utility (FLU) has all the functionality of the old Foundry System ID tool (FSID), the Foundry license Installer (FLI) and the Foundry license Diagnostic (FLD) tools for both FLEXlm and RLM and can be used to administer both FLEXlm and RLM floating licenses.

The Production COLLECTIVE and the Creation COLLECTIVE are licensed using RLM licensing.

When not purchased as part of a COLLECTIVE, NUKENUKEX, NUKESTUDIO ,MARI, HIERO, KATANAOCULA and CAMERATRACKER are licensed using RLM licensing.

FURNACE, KEYLIGHT and KRONOS are licensed using FLEXlm licensing.

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