Q100691: Using OctaneRender in Modo 17



Starting with Modo 17.0v1, Modo now ships with the Prime version of OctaneRender for Modo plugin and by default comes with the ability to use a single Discrete GPU for Rendering in Octane.



Steps for setting up the OctaneRender with Modo 17.0 and above:



OctaneRender is included in the Apple Silicon (ARM) version of macOS and should not require any set-up steps after installation. Please note that OctaneRender is not included or supported on the Intel version of Modo on macOS.


Windows and Linux

1) Launch Modo and if any Download NVIDIA cuDNN notifications appear select 'Download'.

2) Once Modo is open, select Octane > Open OctaneRender Viewport and a login window will appear.

3) On the login window if you have an existing OTOY account sign in, or if not select 'create a new account' and sign up.

image (5).png 

4) Once you've signed up or logged in, re-select Octane > Open OctaneRender Viewport. The following notification should then appear.

5) Select 'Open sign-up page' and login with your OTOY account and complete the requested information fields.


6) Agree to the terms and conditions, you should then receive an email to verify the account.


7) Go back to Modo and select 'Retry' on the notification from Step 4, OctaneRender should now be available.


Using OctaneRender inside of Modo

By default you can access OctaneRender either from the Octane menu at the top of the screen:

Or by using the dedicated OctaneRender layout, please note that if the OctaneRender layout doesn't appear you may need to toggle the starred views only button to show all available layouts :



Please note you can upgrade your licence to a multi-node version of OctaneRender if desired, but this would need to be done via OTOY on their website.

For guidance on how to use the OctaneRender for Modo plugin, please see OTOY's OctaneRender for Modo Plugin Manual.


NOTE: The OctaneRender for Modo plugin is developed and supported by OTOY. If you encounter any problems with the OctaneRender for Modo plugin itself, outside of the set-up inside Modo, please contact OTOY support here: https://help.otoy.com/hc/en-us 


If you encounter any issues with getting the OctaneRender for Modo plugin to work with Modo, please open a Support ticket with us so we can help you look into this. For information on how to open a ticket, please see the following support article: Q100064: How to raise a support ticket

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