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Q100361: How to update to Foundry Licensing Tools 7.3


A new version of the Foundry Licensing Tools (FLT) has been released.  This article explains how to update to the latest version of the tools and why we would recommend that users do this.



With the release of the FLT 7.3 we have updated the internal license server code to RLM version 12.2.  The previous public release, FLT 7.1v1, used RLM 9.4.

We are in the process of updating our products to use newer versions of RLM too - Nuke 11.0 was the first release to use RLM 12 in its internal licensing code and this has been followed by Mari 4.0.  To avoid any problems using floating licenses with Nuke 11.0, Nuke 11.1 and/or Mari 4.0 we would recommend updating your licensing tools to FLT 7.3.

Major new versions of other products will also be updated to use RLM 12 in the future so we recommend that all customers with floating licenses update to FLT 7.3 when possible.


You can update to FLT 7.3v2 (the latest version) by doing the following

  1. Uninstall FLT 7.1v1 by following the instructions in Q100133: How to Uninstall the Foundry Licensing Tools

  2. Download FLT 7.3v2 from the licensing page of our website

  3. Install FLT 7.3v2 on the server by following the instructions in Q100360: How to install the Foundry Licensing Tools (FLT)


The RLM server should then start up and your existing licenses will be picked up and floated from the server.

If you encounter any problems with your licenses when updating the Foundry Licensing Tools then please follow the instructions in Q100105: Diagnosing License Problems to generate a diagnostic file from the Foundry License Utility and open a support ticket.



Detailed information about the Foundry Licensing Tools can be found in the Foundry Licensing Tools User Guide

For more information about getting up and running with your licenses, please see the following articles on the Support Portal:

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