Q100355: Transitioning between Mari 3.3 and Mari 4.0



In Mari 4.0 we have given Mari a full UI overhaul designing it for better usability, faster learning and an overall improvement on workflows for artists. This article will show where you can find more information on the new features and changes done, including a video tutorial.



For users transitioning from Mari 3 to Mari 4, you can find the full comparison details and usage tips between the two versions in our Foundry Online Help.

Below is also list of quick hyperlinks that you can use to navigate directly to the section of the comparison page you are most interested in:

Creating a Project

Controlling the Project

Using Tools

Painting in Mari

Editing Brushes

Working with Colors

Using the Node Graph

Subdividing Objects


Exporting Channels



In the below tutorial, Rory Woodford, Mari Project Manager, also demonstrates Mari 4.0's new features and the changes we have made since Mari 3.3v1.


Tutorials for Mari | 3D Texture Painting | Foundry

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