Q100350: Mac OS X version available with Mari 4.6v2



Mari 4.6v2 will be the first Mari 4 version with a Mac OS X build available for download. Any prior Mari 4.x versions are only available for artists using Windows and Linux based operating systems.



Mari 4 has been updated to use the QT 5 UI libraries as part of the efforts to support the VFX Reference Platform 2017. Due to the nature of the QT libraries which are not created by Apple, building a Mari 4.x Mac OS X version required more development time in order to ensure it offers the same quality user experience, as for the other operating systems.

As such, no Mac OS X build was available in any Mari 4.x versions prior to 4.6v2. 

Mari 4.6v2 brings back Mac OS X support for Mojave 10.14, and you can access the latest version of Mari here:  https://www.foundry.com/products/mari/download


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