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Q100356: Increasing preview efficiency with Interactive Render Filters


InteractiveRenderFilters ( IRFs ) allow users to setup rendering templates for testing their renders at different sampling rates, resolutions, layer visibility and more, without affecting their final disk render.

These filters can be quite useful when checking the progress of a render via Preview Rendering. For example, they can be a quick way of optimising the render settings for debugging/testing the render result in a non-destructive way. Using them will only temporarily overwrite the settings and will not modify anything already adjusted for the final/disk render version.

This article shows how to enable them and through an example project, make best use of IRFs to increase Preview Render efficiency.



To set up an InteractiveRenderFilters workflow, users can check out the link below from our Online Help, which goes step-by-step through the setup process: Setting up Interactive Render Filters

Once the workflow is ready, the different filters can be toggled using the IRFs  icon at the top of the Katana interface.

When the IRF is enabled, the icon will glow gold so you know that a filter is currently active in your Monitor:


The above image displays the UI for the IRFs.

Additional filters can be dragged and dropped into the table on the right side with the middle mouse button, and 'Clear All' can be used to remove all of them.

NOTE: Setting IRFs in combination with Working Sets will increase efficiency when working with large scenes. This is presented within the 'Katana Features' video demonstration below: 

For more information on Working Sets, please see our Online Help at the following link: Katana's Working Sets

NOTE: Users can download and test our example project which is attached below.  The example project contains a scene with multiple PrimitiveCreate objects with different materials assigned (plastic, gold, glass).

Try adding the 'Material Visibility' filters to your InteractiveRenderFilters. When Preview Rendering the scene, you will see the materials change. Please note the Glass material will appear black without indirect lighting.

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