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Q100346: How to retain the order of a procedural layer stack when creating an Assembly preset in Modo 11


This article will explain how to retain the order of a procedural layer stack when creating and saving an Assembly preset in the Modo 11 series.

The order of procedural layers created in a Modo scene is displayed in the Mesh Ops tab of the Item List palette. A layer stack is created from bottom to top, but this creation order will not be retained if it is used in an Assembly preset. 

This is due to a known bug logged in our engineering database under: Bug 47798 - Deformers written to LXP files are saved in the incorrect order.



To retain the order of the procedural layer stack for an Assembly preset and workaround the above mentioned bug, you must bundle the entire stack in a Deform folder and then include this Deform folder in the Assembly before saving it. 

To do this, please follow the instructions below:

  1. In the Mesh Ops tab, select the bottom procedural layer. 

  2. Right-click on the selected layer and select the Place in Folder option. This will place the bottom layer in a Deform folder at the top of the procedural layer stack. The original stack order will temporarily be disorganised.

  3. Shift-select the remaining procedural layers from top to the bottom and then drag this selection into the Deform folder, placing it above the single layer. The original stack order will now be restored.

  4. Switch to the Setup Layout and drag the Deform folder into the Schematic Viewport to add it to the active Assembly.

  5. To save the Assembly, return to the Workspace Overview view by selecting the upward arrow icon in the Schematic Viewport. Then, right-click on your Assembly and select Save Assembly Preset...



Image 1: The listed steps demonstrated in Modo 11.2v1




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