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Q100335: NukeAssist 11.0 also checks out a Nuke license (nuke_i)


Running NukeAssist 11.0 requests a full Nuke license (nuke_i) as well as the NukeAssist license (nukexassist_i).  This problem affects NukeAssist 11.0v1 and 11.0v2.
You will either see both nukexassist_i and nuke_i licenses checked out to your user or if all nuke_i licenses are in use then NukeAssist will show an error message like the one below.



By default, when NukeAssist 11.0 launches it also starts up the Frame Server process.  The background Nuke processes used by the Frame Server request a nuke_i license.


You can prevent NukeAssist from launching the Frame Server process, and therefore from requesting a full Nuke license, by launching it from a command prompt or terminal with the --disable-nuke-frameserver argument.  The full commands to run are below.

  • Windows
    cd "C:\Program Files\Nuke11.0v2\
    Nuke11.0.exe" --nukeassist --disable-nuke-frameserver

  • Linux
    cd /usr/local/Nuke11.0v2/
    ./Nuke11.0 --nukeassist --disable-nuke-frameserver

  • macOS
    cd /Applications/Nuke11.0v2/
    ./Nuke11.0v2 --nukeassist --disable-nuke-frameserver




This issue is logged as bug 313627 in our system.  You can follow the progress of the bug on the public bug tracker at the following link:
313627 - NukeAssist 11.0 always runs FrameServer process in the background so it requests a regular Nuke license (nuke_i) too

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