Q100338: Differences between Katana interactive and Katana render licenses



This article explains which type of license is required for the different modes Katana can be launched in.



There are two types of license for Katana, interactive licenses (katana_i) and render licenses (katana_r).  The type of license required depends on the mode Katana is launched in.

Katana Interactive Mode: 

Running Katana in Interactive Mode (GUI) requires a Katana interactive license (katana_i).  

Katana interactive mode is typically used by artists or technical developers to set up or light projects and to render via the Preview, Live or Disk Render commands.

More information on Katana Interactive Mode can be found in our Katana Online Help.

NOTE: Using a Katana interactive license does not allow you to access the terminal modes (batch, script or shell), these require a Katana render license. 


Katana Terminal Modes:

Katana has three terminal modes - batch, script and shell modes.  All terminal modes require a katana render license (katana_r).

  • Batch mode is used to render a Kanana scene from a terminal.
  • Script mode is used to execute Python scripts in Katana's Python environment
  • Shell mode exposes Katana's Python interpreter in the terminal shell

NOTE: Licenses are used on a one-per-host machine basis.  If you are rendering your Katana scenes on your Render Farm, using either batch or script mode, then each render machine will require a katana_r license. 



More information on each of the Katana Terminal Modes can be found in our Katana Online Help here: Launching Katana > Command-line Interface

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