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Q100333: How to rename and label TeleParameters in the UI


This article explains how to change the display name of a TeleParameter, as well as the name that it is referred to internally in Katana (for example for scripting access).

For a more detailed explanation of the TeleParameter parameter type and instructions for how to create them, please see this article: Q100292: TeleParameters in Katana



A TeleParameter takes on the appearance of the parameter it is referencing, including its label:

The names of user parameters can usually be changed by clicking on the wrench icon directly above the parameter label and selecting ‘Rename Parameter…’.

This is also possible for TeleParameters - however, this does not affect the name that is shown in the UI.

This is because the parameter is still referenced by the name of the parameter it is linked to:

fovParam = NodegraphAPI.GetNode('CameraCreate').getParameter('fov')


However, the user parameter still exists with a unique name on its own node. That name doesn't appear in the UI, but it can be used to access the parameter via Python like:

teleParam = NodegraphAPI.GetNode('CameraCreate').getParameter('user.CameraFov')


NOTE: The value of the user parameter is a string expression pointing to the parameter that is referenced, in this example ‘CameraCreate.fov’.


The label of the user parameter can be changed in the UI via the NodegraphAPI:

teleParam = NodegraphAPI.GetNode('CameraCreate').getParameter('user.CameraFov')
teleParam.setHintString(repr({'widget': 'teleparam', 'label': 'CameraFovTele'}))

The 'label' parameter hint is not currently exposed as a widget option (in the dialog that opens when choosing the Widget Options... command from a user parameter's wrench men) for user parameters of type TeleParameter, so NodegraphAPI scripting is currently the only way to customise the label used for a TeleParameter.

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