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Q100337: Installing Colorway and Colorway for Modo Kit from the Command Prompt or Terminal


This article describes how you can install Colorway from the Command Prompt on Windows and the Terminal on OSX, including steps for how you can silently install the program and redirect the installation location.

These instructions are useful if you wish to deploy Colorway on to multiple machines at your facility.  


Installing Colorway by double-clicking on the installer file will always pop up the GUI installer and require you to click through the various options and steps.  This is fine for installing on one or two machines but if you need to install Colorway on multiple machines across your network this could get very time consuming.

The good news is that it is possible to speed up and customise the Colorway install process by running the installers from a Command Prompt (on Windows) or Terminal (on macOS).  This should enable you to deploy Colorway across multiple machines without needing to click through the installer.

Firstly though, you'll need to download the latest version of Colorway and the Colorway for Modo kit from the links sent to you by the Colorway team.


Windows - Installing Colorway from a Command Prompt

Open a Command Prompt (from Start > All Programs > Accessories > Command Prompt) as a user with admin rights.

Firstly, you'll need to navigate to the directory where you saved the Colorway installer file with the cd (change directory) command.  For example, if you saved the file in C:\Temp you would first run the following command:

cd C:\Temp

To run the installer in the default way (so that the installation dialog appears) and you just need to type the name of the install file and hitting enter:


However, you can use several different flags after the installer file to customise the install process

  • To specify the installation directory add /dir=and the directory name, e.g. /dir="C:\Colorway"

  • To run the installer silently so that the installer does not prompt you for anything but displays a progress bar, add /silent

  • To run the installer even more silently so that the no dialog window appears, add /verysilent.
    NOTE: This is useful if you are writing a script to run the installer on multiple machines across your network.

  • To tell the installer not to create desktop shortcuts you can add /MERGETASKS="!desktopicon"

You can use a combination of these install options, e.g. to very silently install Colorway to C:\Colorway\ you would run the following command

Colorway2.XvY-win-x86-release-64.exe /verysilent dir="C:\Colorway\

You can also use the same flags with the Colorway for Modo Kit installer.  The following command will install the kit without the install dialog appearing:

ColorwayKit2.XvY_Modo-win-x86-release-64.exe /verysilent

You can then repeat this process on each machine that you need to install Colorway on or write a batch script to install Colorway on multiple machines on your network.


macOS - installing from the Terminal:

You can install Colorway on macOS without clicking through the installer by opening a Terminal (from Applications > Utilities) and running the following commands:
  1. Mount the .dmg installer file with the following command.  Note. that you'll need to specify the full path to where you saved the installer download, the example command assumes it is saved in your Downloads directory:
    hdiutil attach ~/Downloads/Colorway2.XvY-mac-x86-release-64.dmg 

  2. Enter the following command to store the directory path in memory, so it can be returned to later:
    pushd /Volumes/Colorway2.XvY-mac-x86-release-64.dmg/ 

  3. Install Colorway to the default location with the following command:

    sudo installer -pkg Colorway2.XvY-mac-x86-release-64.pkg -target "/"

    NOTE: You will be prompted for your password.

  4. Enter the following command to change the directory stored by pushd command in step 2:

  5. Eject the mounted disk image:
    hdiutil detach /Volumes/Colorway2.XvY-mac-x86-release-64.dmg


You can repeat the same steps to install the Colorway for Modo kit by running the following example commands:

hdiutil attach ~/Downloads/ColorwayKit2.XvY_Modo-mac-x86-release-64.dmg
pushd /Volumes/ColorwayKitForModo2.XvY_Modo-mac-x86-release-64.dmg
sudo installer -pkg ColorwayKit2.XvY_Modo-mac-x86-release-64.pkg
hdiutil detach /Volumes/ColorwayKitForModo2.XvY_Modo-mac-x86-release-64.dmg


As on Windows, you can manually repeat this process on each machine or write a script to install Colorway and the Colorway for Modo kit on multiple machines.



You can find more information about getting up and running with Colorway in the following locations:




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