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Q100383: Modo licensing and "DENIED: modov_i ... requested version not supported" errors


This article discusses how RLM licensing works for Modo, and a possible error that can appear in the logs, even when licenses are working correctly.  


Modo currently supports two licensing technologies:

  • RLM licensing for login-based licenses, single machine nodelocked licenses, floating licenses and for Modo as part of a Collective
  • Legacy Luxogy licensing for old website demo licenses and licenses for Modo 10 series and earlier

There are also two types of RLM licensing models that Modo can use:

  • Modo version license - modov_i 
    The license is valid up to a specific version of Modo. For example, a modov_i 1000.0 license will cover each release in Modo 10. However, it will not work for Modo 11.
  • Modo maintenance license - modo_i
    The second style, modo_i, is generated with a specific version date, corresponding to the license's maintenance period. For example, a modo_i 2018.0623 will work for versions of Modo released up to June 23rd, 2018.

When a device checks for a license, Modo will initially request a "modov_i" license and if that fails it then asks for a "modo_i" license.  Once Modo finds a valid license it will then launch.


A possible error that appears in the license logs


All customer licenses that are compatible with Modo 11.0 and above will be "modo_i" license (these use the maintenance date version model).  This is true for all login-based (maintenance, subscription and trial licenses), single machine nodelocked, floating and collective licenses.


As mentioned above, Modo first asks for a modov_i license and then falls back to request a modo_i, so whenever you launch Modo 11.0 or above it will first attempt to find a "modov_i" license before it finds and runs with your valid license.

This doesn't cause any problems for Modo but the failed "modov_i" request will be recorded in the license.log file in your RLM license directory, and in the server log file if you have floating licenses.  The error message will look like the following: 


DENIED: (1) modov_i v1100.0 to <device>

Requested version not supported


If Modo completely fails to locate a valid license then it'll display the following error messge: 


No Modo License has been found. More details can be found by clicking Status, under advanced.




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