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Q100371: How to recover a missing Colorspace Toolbar and other Python Palettes


It some situations when launching Mari you may find that your Colorspace Toolbar is unavailable. When this happens, you will not be able to access this Toolbar from the Palettes Menu and it will not load automatically at the bottom of the viewport when launching Mari in it's default layout.


The Colorspace Toolbar will be unavailable if Mari is unable to locate the PyOpenColorIO module from your $PYTHONPATH location.

If you are unable to access your Python Console, this usually indicates that Mari can not locate the PyOpenColorIO module, which can be caused by conflicting modules created by multiple different software or by an incorrect $PYTHONPATH file path. Mari by default looks for this module in the following location, but there is a chance that this could be pointing to an incorrect path if you are using a custom environment:

<Bundle dir>/3rdParty/lib/​python2.7/site-packages

If your $PYTHONPATH is incorrect or conflicting, you may also notice that you have not only lost the Colorspace Toolbar but also both the overhead Python and Scripts menus, as well as the Modo Render and Snapshots palettes. This is because each of these palettes are Python-based and make use of the $PYTHONPATH location.


Fig: A standard palette menu and a palette menu with a conflicting $PYTHONPATH




The quickest and easiest way to identify whether you are running into a PyOpenColorIO error is to double check your MariLog.txt file.

You may see the following message inside it:

Debug : [               Application.cpp:449 ] : [ OpenColorIO ] [ ERROR ] Failed to load Python bindings '/path/to/problematic/library: 

undefined symbol: _ZTIN11OpenColorIO2v19ExceptionE'

This indicated that Mari is currently unable to correctly locate the PyOpenColorIO module from your $PYTHONPATH due to other conflicting modules found at this location. 

To confirm this, you should locate the path for this module and check that your PYTHONPATH environment variable is pointing to the correct location. At this stage is also useful to confirm that PYTHONHOME is set correctly.

To do this, run the following script in Mari's Python Console which will return the variable value:

import os
print os.environ.get("PYTHONPATH")
print os.environ.get("PYTHONHOME")

Using the results, you should be able to confirm that both the PYTHONHOME and PYTHONPATH variables are pointing to the correct module. If this is not the case, you can correct them by setting their value to the right location. By default Mari expects the $PYTHONPATH location in the following directory or similar:

<Bundle dir>/3rdParty/lib/​python2.7/site-packages

Once the environment variables are corrected, you should see that your Colorspace Toolbar and other Python-based palettes have reappeared and are available for use once more.


If you have tried all of the steps detailed above but still find that you are unable to locate your Colorspace Toolbar, please open a Support ticket per the guidance here:  Q100090: Reporting a Mari issue

For more information on how to open a Support ticket, please refer to the Q100064: Using the Support Portal article.

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