Q100342: How to find out the version of your Nuke plug-ins



This article explains how to find the exact version of any plug-ins you are using with Nuke.


To find out the version of a plug-in you are using inside Nuke such as Ocula, Furnace or CaraVR, you need to create a node of that plug-in type. 

Once you have created a node from the plug-in who's version you are looking to find:

  • open its properties panel (double clicking the node)
  • hover your cursor over the node's help (? icon).

This will display the node's tooltip information including the name of the node and the version number of the plug-in the node was created with. 


Below are some examples from the CaraVR C_CameraSolver and Furnace F_Align nodes:

CaraVR version 2.1v5



Furnace version 4.3v13


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