Q100320: Unable to use RLM floating licenses with Nuke 11



If you've downloaded the latest Nuke 11 release and while you are on current maintenance, are encountering licensing problems with an existing RLM floating setup, you may have come across a known issue due to the update of the Nuke 11 internal RLM version.


In the latest Nuke 11 release we have upgraded the version of RLM used internally, from 9.3 to 12.2. This means that the version of RLM Nuke 11.0v1 uses is newer that the RLM version included in our Foundry Licence Tools (FLT) which could be causing problems.  The current version of the licensing tools, FLT 7.1v1 contains RLM 9.4bl4.


If you are on current maintenance and using a RLM floating license setup, and if you are encountering problems licensing the latest Nuke 11.0v1 release, then you need to update the version of RLM included in the Foundry License Tools (FLT) to RLM 12.2 to match the internal RLM version Nuke 11 now uses.

To do this please follow the steps described in this article:

Q100260: How to upgrade the version of RLM in the Foundry Licensing Tools

We are currently working on an updated version of the Foundry License Tools (FLT) and this will be provided as soon as possible for download from our website.  


If this does not resolve the problem for you then please follow the instructions in the following article to generate a license diagnostic file and open a Support ticket - Q100105: Diagnosing License Problems

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