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Q100332: Nuke 11.0 Installer forces restart on Windows for some users


When installing Nuke 11.0, the installer should prompt the user to restart their PC after completion.
We have had some users let us know that sometimes during the installation process it will force a restart before finishing the installation without a prompt.

This could catch some users out who did not save any work before the restart.

Currently the issue only happens with Nuke on Windows.  There aren't any graphical signs to let you know if it will restart automatically, so it's best to follow the workaround available in the resolution.



When Nuke 11.0 is installed onto the user's PC, It requires a full restart to be setup correctly.
This is due to framework changes in Nuke11 when compared to older versions.

When the user installs Nuke via the GUI installer, they should receive an option to restart or not like in the image below:

However, some users are not getting the option to restart or not which leads to their machine rebooting when the Nuke installer finished.


You can prevent the Nuke 11.0 Installer from restarting the machine by launching the installer from a command prompt with the '/NORESTART' flag.

  1. Search 'cmd' in the start search bar (Windows menu key) and open the Command Prompt.
  2. In the Command Prompt, run the following example command: (Replace the path with your installer's path)
"C:\Users\USERNAME\Documents\Nuke11.0v1-win-x86-release-64" /NORESTART

    3. Follow the installation as normal.

Please note: We have had some users let us know that the '/NORESTART' command does not work for every installation, this has been prominent when including '/SILENT' in your launch command.



More information about installing Nuke from the command line and the different options you can use is available in the online Nuke User Guide's Getting Started section.

You can also follow the bug report for this issue at the following link:
TP 303425 Nuke11.0v1 Installer Forces Restart without prompt on Windows 7 PC


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